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Osaka YMCA Japanese Language School has released Japanese learning iPhone Application "Nihongo Checker N3". It is better from just getting starteed learning Japanese to N3 level (Between beginners and intermediates) and to check your Japanese proficiency level literally. People who want to measure their Japanese language abilities, also who would like to receive a Japanese placement test almost like games is really appropriate application.
Also, after finished up all the answer, you can email directly from your iPhone to Osaka YMCA. Those who are planning to apply in the Osaka YMCA, please send us the results of “Nihongo Checker N3”. After send the result of socre, you will receive the advice how to study Japanse and the admission information for application of Osaka YMCA.

【Osaka YMCA Japanese Language School "Checker N3 Nihongo" is available in the following steps】
"ためす" answers over 100 questions in 40 minutes time limit. Either 100 questions to answer or 40 minutes time limit comes will present your scores. The order of the questions and choices are presented randomly, “No boired” that it is available in several different questions. Therefore you can try many times to enjoy the questions. "けっか" is appeared in the past socre date when you tried “ためす”. It is contained these data (date, time, socores), so you can compare each time and then you can check the progress of language poficiency.
"れんしゅう" checkes the correct answers in each questions immidiately. Actually whether it is right answer or not when you try ”ためす”, and you can check listed "10 questions", "30 questions" and “50 questions” feature to see the questions. “せってい”sets the number of question 10, 30 and 50 in “れんしゅう”.