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Made exclusively for the iPad, this Composite Sketch ID Kit app contains all the previous iphone composite sketch apps, as well as the new “Boogieman”. Adults and children alike will spend time moving and adjusting facial features to best describe what each of these creatures looks like with over a million different combinations for your sketches.

• Bigfoot Composite Sketch....Have you seen Bigfoot? For more than 400 years people have reported seeing this ape-like creature. Here is your chance to show people exactly what he looks like. You can solve this mystery by using “Composite Sketch” App to compose his identity. Simply touch and drag each component to assemble his facial features. Have your friends try to create their own composite.

Stories of Bigfoot has been told around the world and he is know by many names such as the Yeti and Sasquatch. Reports are that he weighs more than 500 pounds and stands 6 to 10 feet tall. Now you can show the world what Bigfoot really look like.

• Alien Composite Sketch....Have you had a close encounter with Aliens. Perhaps you’ve been abducted and no one believes you, well now with the help of “Composite Sketch” App you can give the authorities an accurate description of their identities. Simply touch and drag various
fascial features to assemble a finished sketch of what they look like.

• Nessie Composite Sketch....Have you sighted Nessie? Did you get a good look at her? With the help of “Composite Sketch” App you can solve this cold case and identify the monster for the authorities. Simply touch and drag each piece onto Nessie’s head to make various composite sketches of what best represents what you saw or what you think Nessie looks like.

• Leprechaun Composite Sketch....A creature in Irish mythology or a friend you see each time you visit your neighborhood pub, a leprechaun is said to be a male faerie who lives on the island of Ireland.   Perhaps you have seen one of these wealthy spirited little Irishmen.  Could it of been during the last St. Patrick Day celebration.  When it comes time to describe what he looks like to your non-Irish friends, now you can use “Leprechaun Composite Sketch” to just that.

• Vampire Sketch....Your creativity is about to swoop into flight. With this monstrous App you can make Vampires appear. You know what you saw flying in the moonlight… now you have the tool to make a Composite Sketch so you can show your friends and perhaps the authorities, should they ask for a description to begin the bat hunt. Watch your screen now. Hear your scream now. Make your Vampire appear as your mood digs him up. Have fun. Clean up any blood drippings, will you?

• Boogieman....The newest of the composite sketch series. You know you’ve seen him. As a child he was usually under your bed. Now when you see and hear what goes bump in the night and you can show your mommy and daddy exactly what what it looked like. Now you have the tools to put together his features to show the world exactly what he looks like. Perhaps now that you and your friends can identify him, the boogieman won’t come and get you tonight!