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Build Your Family Tree HD

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A Family Tree is about your heritage, creating a story about your family, a learning experience and a hobby. It’s a very important task for any family. Connect with the past and build a future.

With this App, you can save, sort, display and print your family’s data right on your iPad. It’s easy to use, no monthly fees, and no in-app purchases. Bring it to family gatherings and fact-finding trips. Add family members either manually or copy them from your address book. Each member’s profile includes a photo, links to spouse and parents (both biological and step/adopted), year-of-birth, year-of-death, facts and events. You may list anything as a fact, such as occupation, residence, and notes. You may include anything as an event, such as births, deaths, marriages, divorce, graduations, occupation, and retirement. Fun for the family. Educational for the kids.

* Easy to setup, easy to keep your family data up-to-date.
* The app will automatically link to siblings and kids based on each person’s parents.
* Follow anyone’s bloodline back to ancestors, forward to descendants, or to brothers and sisters.
* All data is stored only on your device. No Internet connection required for the App to function.
* Supports stepfathers and stepmothers, half-brothers and half-sisters, children born out of wedlock.
* Easily accommodates divorced and re-married couples, and same-sex marriage.

Views / Reports:
* Picture Wall - create and print it by selecting one generation at a time. Tap photo to see profile.
* Profiles - view as pages in a book. Print a hardcopy for sharing or place in a binder.
* Parent Tree - basic kinship chart. Select anyone as the root of the tree.
* Time Line - a chronological list of all events from the entire family.

Interactive Picture Wall:
With the interactive photo wall, you are able to construct a customized view of multiple generations of any branch in your family tree. Going back towards ancestors, forwards to descendants, and to brothers and sisters. If you make a mistake, you can just go back one or more generations without having to start all over. When you are done, you can print a multi-page chart. You have the ability to view (and print) each person’s profile simply by double tapping on a photo.

Interactive Parent View:
With the interactive parent view, you are able to view (and print) a chart of up to three generations at a time of ancestors for anyone in your family tree. For the selected person, their immediate adoptive/step parents are included. You can effortlessly change the selected person either from the family list or by simply tapping on the chart itself. By printing multiple charts, you can put together a customized graphic display of your family tree for as many generations as you like.

Interactive Profile View:
Flip through the pages of your family tree and view each person’s profile as though you are reading an online book. Simply tap the photo to enlarge it. Or tap one of the relationships to go directly to their page. Or use the index to go directly to anyone’s page. See their entire profile, including parents, facts and events.

Interactive Timeline View:
See all births, deaths and everything in-between for everyone in your family tree, in the order with which they occurred. Simply swipe left to go forward in time, or right to go backwards in time. Or spin the date wheel to go directly to a specific date. You will see all of the events that you recorded for your entire family.

This app does not connect to any on-line database.

If you have any questions, or encounter any problems, please send an email to