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i.Game Super Rich HD

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i.Game Super Rich HD

Buy land, build and collect rent in this super rich and fun game for 1 to 4 players.

The Super Rich are now travelling in Europe, buying and building as the Super Rich should. You can be one of them, a movie star, a soccer hero, a kung-fu master, an European princess, and even the mysterious Cleopatra or the famous Holmes, all with special abilities to one aim: collect more rent from your opponents!
Each character also has a whole set of beautifully designed buildings of their own (level 1 to level 4).

The game is in a Monopoly style, but with enriched features, such as magic cards to control the dice, place obstacles, build or upgrade, destroy opponents buildings....There are also large lots in which players can build Supermarkets, Office Towers or Hotels to enjoy special rights. Buy adjacent land to switch on the chain effects for double or triple rent!

Included are 4 mini games: Catch-A-Coin, Match-A-Card, Shake-A-Cola, Grab-A-Gold. Earn money or new tools through the games, or play them for fun.

Don't miss any of the 2 game modes: Classic Mode, and Crazy Mode! In the unique Crazy Mode, each character has special abilities that will create a whole new and crazy game experience (eg.Daphne can build or upgrade buildings without limits, Lee Chang can demolish buildings, Andy can freely adjust the rent for any land...)

English and Chinese version included.

System requirements: iPad

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