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Blood, Guns, and, Whores

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Author W. Ross Ayers is presenting his latest novel “Blood, Guns and Whores” ( as a social reading experiment to recreate the feeling of opening a book and discovering interesting notes and media left behind by previous readers.

Readers of this ebook can share and view notes from other readers. Notes could be text, videos, images, or links to websites. Readers are also invited to join exclusive private chats on Watch tweet button inside the book. We're re-creating the experience of checking out a book from the library and discovering useful (or funny!!) notes left behind by previous readers.

(If reading in an online/social environment isn't what you want. Checkout standard ebook reader like Stanza, which has better support on font adjustment and other standard ebook features)

If you enjoy this new type of social reading experience leave us a review below - it will help us keep going :-) Also, please send suggestions, bugs, or future book requests to

“Blood, Guns and Whores – An All American Tale of a Boy and His Dog” — is a novel made of micro chapters and illustrations about a boy growing up in the small farming community of Blissfield, Michigan and on to adulthood in San Francisco.