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This app is used for performance anxiety or general stress. In less than one minute your attention is gently guided for better focus and awareness. Use it throughout the day to expand your mental space for input while also harnessing more of your expert training and personal experiences during response.

Our digital lives drive us to distraction making attention a scarce resource. Distraction, loss of focus, and stress lowers our performance levels resulting in poor judgment and decision making. We find ourselves increasingly robbed of the space between “stimulus” and “response,” and often without room to properly perceive the situation or access our wisdom and training for those moments. By reacting without conscious thought we’re missing another opportunity to be our high-performing selves. Performance App is designed for this world of information overload and always-on devices.

Use Performance App throughout the day when you may feel “triggered” by general stress or performance anxiety. It is designed to intervene unhelpful thought and behavioral patterns and/or reinforces skillful ones in the moments you care most about for optimal performance.

This app helps you:
- Decrease performance anxiety
- Establish attention practice
- Increase productivity & focus
- Build a healthier lifestyle

Features included in app:

Cognitive Guide - expertly created sequence of questions that will help increase attention and focus. The sequence includes simple questions that create mind and body awareness in the moment and logs the input so that you can monitor your progress overtime.

Knowledge Base - beginner knowledge base that touches upon the concepts behind each of the sequenced steps so that you can get the most out of the app along with a better understanding of the cognitive processes at work.

Notes - a notepad to quickly jot any notes or insights that come to mind for later reference.

Stats - graphs and other information visually logged over time to illuminate trends and progress.

What people have said:

“At first I thought it sounded nuts, but I just felt something, I no longer feel hung over or stressed about networking. I’m going to use this and tell my friends about it!”

“It allows you to use your phone not think of something else … including your phone!”

“I’ve been asking for someone with the expertise to help me make an app like this for my practice. My clients have been asking for something exactly like this. I know who I’ll try it on immediate!”

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