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The award-winning Mahabharata CD-ROM now as stories for the iPad! The epic work, divided into 16 easy-to-download parts, is available at the in-app store. Get the first one free and discover how it all began. Watch the stories come alive in beautiful hand-painted animations and an original music score. Narrated by Roshan Seth, who played Nehru in the Oscar-winning film Gandhi.

Return to the ancient kingdom of Hastinapura. Discover the life and times of the Kauravas and the Pandavas. And relive the legend of THE MAHABHARATA. A gripping story of politics and intrigue. A forceful unfolding of emotion and deceit. A power struggle between princes linked by blood. See kings and queens rise to glorious heights and fall to dismal depths. Learn of Bhishma's supreme sacrifice. Feel Bhima's intense passion, and his hatred of Duryodhana. Watch as good struggles with evil during Draupadi's public humiliation. Watch the scheming Shakuni divest the Pandavas of their legacy. Meet the divine Krishna and listen to his philosophy of life. Fly with the heroes, fall with the villains, and experience the savagery of war. It’s all drama. It’s all action. It’s THE MAHABHARATA.

Acclaim for the CD-ROM:

"A must buy, must keep, and must steal-if you are broke!" PC World

"... a fantastic narrative of power struggles peppered with deceit, intrigue and pulsating action ... True to original." Living Computers