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Tuneful Tiger HD

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Tuneful Tiger HD is the iPad element of the Tuneful Tiger lineup that is available for the Mac, the iPhone and the iPod Touch

Have you ever been listening to the radio, when an amazing song comes on that you don't happen to have in your music collection? That's where Tuneful Tiger HD comes in.

It allows you to keep on top of 20 unique songs, as you hunt them down one by one, just like a tiger in the jungle hunting for prey.

Just fire up Tuneful Tiger HD anytime a song comes on that you want to remember to add to your collection at a later time. It's as easy as selecting a row from the table on the main screen and then filling in the information for the textfields that become visible.

Once all the info is filled in completely, you are then able to Tweet about the song, email the song's info, and search for the song on iTunes. You also have the option to search Yahoo! Music to find out more about the artist. In this way, you can get your friends in on the hunt as well to help you out, and you can find more by the artist that you might also like.

With Tuneful Tiger HD, the hunt for music could never be easier!