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Trig Easy

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Trigonometry Easy is an App designed exclusively for the iPad to take advantage of its exceptionally rich graphics. Trigonometry Easy is an electronic reference for anyone studying basic trigonometry or just looking to refresh his or her skills. It covers the basics of Trigonometry as well as illustrates several key concepts through animations and interactive calculators.

Use Trigonometry Easy to learn and explore the basics of solving triangles through an interactive experience. With Trigonometry Easy you can explore the Oblique, Scalene, Isosceles, Equilateral and Right Triangles with an interactive approach.

Learn the basic equations that describe each triangle shape as well as each triangles properties and interesting facts. Explore the boundaries of each triangle with a unique Interactive Calculator that allows you to explore and experience each triangle object in an intuitive way.

Whether you are studying for your next test, want a portable trigonometry reference or just want to refresh your knowledge of Trigonometry, this is a must have App to add to your iPad toolbox.