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Tiny Japanese

iPhone / iPad
  • Reference
  • Education
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Tiny Japanese is an simple app to help you learn Japanese. Tiny Japanese has three core tools to help you learn hiragana and katakana. First, there are flash cards to help you memorize the characters and their sounds. Second, there are intelligent quizzes that help you practice translation and learn from your mistakes. Finally, Tiny Japanese has a character tracing system which helps you learn to write each character using the correct stroke order.

Notable features:

As you complete quizzes, Tiny Japanese remembers which characters are the most difficult for you and then shows those characters more often

Three types of quizzes are available for each character:
- Listening quizzes test your ability to guess a character given its sound
- Character quizzes test your ability to guess the romaji translation given a character
- Romaji quizzes test your ability to guess the character given its romaji translation

Tiny Japanese has three stages for learning to write the characters
- Guided character tracing that teaches you the correct stroke order
- Unguided character tracing
- Freehand writing

Tiny Japanese also helps you learn the basic numbers with the use of flashcards and quizzes

We hope you find this application useful. Please let us know if you have any problems or suggestions by visiting: