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Medical Feedback

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The Medical Feedback App is designed for everyday medical routine. For different areas, e.g. quality management, regular surveys have to be done.

The Medical Feedback App enables you to do this more easy, mobile and digitally - simply on you iPad.

On first run, the App start in demo mode. All function can be testet with examplary surveys. Please note that in demo mode further processing in NOT available.

On demand the app can be supplied with indiviual content. To do this, you need a connection to the internet and a valid authentication code. For demonstration purpose enter "demonstration" an press "Verify Account".

On succeful verification the app is provided with indiviual logo, background image, supporttext, users and, of course, individual questions.

In order to take part in a survey, you have to sign on. In addition to standard users, which are able to survey, administrators are able to initiate further processing of the collected data or reset the app to default values.

Administrative access:
Username: demo1
Password: demo1

Please note that a connection to the internet is required.