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Latin Decliner and Conjugator

iPhone / iPad
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Latin Decliner and Conjugator does exactly what it says. This app will conjugate any regular verb (active, passive, deponent, or semi-deponent) in any mood (in addition to fero, ferre and sum, esse), form gerunds, form adverbs (positive, comparative, and superlative from any regular adjective), form participles, and decline nouns and adjectives (including the vocative and locatives). Latin Conjugator and Decliner will give imperatives and infinitives. Tenses with infinitives are marked by "*____*" and can be accessed with indicative selected. The app also includes pictures of the "Hic," "Ille," "Qui," and "Quis" charts. Latin Conjugator and Decliner is great for Latin homework or anyone studying Latin at any level.

Many notable exceptions to common rules are supported as well, including the vocative of meus, special locatives (domi, Cathagini, ruri, Sidone, etc.), most strong and weak second declension nouns (puer, vir, signifer, ager, liber, etc.), most strong and weak second declension adjectives (pulcher, sacer, liber, miser, etc.), adverbs from facile, and many more. In the superlative, issimus, errimus, and (most if not all) illimus adjectives are supported.

To use this app, all you must do is enter the information required. LONG MARKS (needed for second conjugation) are entered by holding down the desired vowel on the keyboard and selecting the long mark. For most regular verbs, you must press the voice, press the tense, press the person, then enter the principle part asked for. The answer will then be displayed. You may press "Decline or Conjugate" then "Go" to see the other forms of the conjugated verb or declined noun. Or, just the principle part ending may be entered for just the conjugated ending.

For example, to conjugate the verb porto, portare, you could press regular verb, active, future, then 3rd person plural and enter "portare."

Letters with the parentheses may or may not pertain, depending on the particular word.

All moods are selected on the title screen.

NO Internet connection required.

*****************NOTE: Only important long marks are displayed.

ALSO, this app WILL NOT interfere with your music.
And, as always, apps from JBCo have NO ADS!

Synopses are currently unavailable but hopefully will be in a future update.