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Language Matching Game

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The Language Matching Game is specifically designed for teachers, speech therapist, parents, and care givers to be used by clients as an introduction to many language concepts. The app uses pictures and words arranged into language categories. There are 18 categories (ie matching screens), each having 10 pictures and their associated words. The words my be spoken or silenced. The categories are as follows:

Domestic Animals(cat,dog,ect) ExoticAnimals(lion,tiger,ect)
Flying Animals(owl,duck,ect) Sea Animals(shark,whale,ect)
Clothing(belt,boxers,ect) Colors & Shapes(red,cube,ect)
Emotions(happy,sad,ect) Food-Fruit(apple,orange,ect)
Food-Vegetables(Peas,celery,ect) Food-Deserts(pie,cake,ect)
Furniture(chair,table,ect) Household Items(clock,cup,ect)
Transportation(boat,car,ect) Structures(dam,house)
Sports(baseball,football,ect) Music(piano,drum,ect)
Professions(pilot,diver,ect) Positions(above,below,ect)

There are four options that control the degree of difficulty: 1) Show picture and word, 2) Show picture only, 3) Show word only and, 4) Sound on or off. The app will count and display the number of correct trials, number of incorrect trials, and the percent correct. This provides the option of allowing the client to work alone and the performance can be viewed at the end of the therapy session.

The next match picture will be automatically displayed when the correct picture is touched. In addition, there is a touch button to manually advance the match picture. There is a touch button to advance to the next game screen (ie next category). This can be used to go directly to a desired category.