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Little Scholar LITE

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This Game is the FREE version of Little Scholar, it contains 60 Chinese characters, 5 characters per level in Matching Game, 12 characters per level in Time Attack game. Full version contains 500 chinese characters, 100 characters per level in both games.
本款趣味遊戲是Little Scholar的免費版,字庫中共有60個中文字,連線遊戲每個等級有5個中文字,計時遊戲每個等級有12個中文字。完全版字庫將有500個中文字,每個等級有100個中文字。

Stop guessing and start learning the pairings of simplified with their traditional counterparts!

Master Simplified & Traditional Chinese characters in one go!

Whether your Chinese vocabulary base is simplified or traditional characters writing, Stop Guessing and Start learning the counterpart of all the simplified or traditional Chinese characters that you already know!

Play these fun games and learn 60 pairings of simplified and traditional Chinese characters to help you master 60 most used Chinese characters in simplified and traditional Chinese characters.
本款趣味遊戲包括了最常用的60個文字,由簡至難,幫你輕鬆地游走于繁簡之間 。

1st game is a self correcting matching game, 5 characters at a time, 5 levels altogether.

2nd game is a time attack game, you need to match traditional Chinese characters falling from the top of screen with the simplified Chinese characters at the bottom before it disappeared, 12 characters at a time, 5 levels altogether.

This game is designed for:

- Children & adults in HK / Taiwan who have been learning Traditional Chinese characters and would like to learn the counterpart to be at par with Mainland Chinese word standards.

- Mainland Chinese visiting or moving to HK, Taiwan

All Mainland Chinese who want to retrace their roots and learn traditional characters, the root of Chinese characters creations. Or be able to read historical Chinese manuscripts dated 1950’s, all in traditional Chinese characters.

There are strong signs that our motherland China is moving towards a “more traditional” Chinese characters base so that Chinese can learn the root of all Chinese characters and be able to read historical manuscripts.