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Starglow Black Magic Spells

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
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  • Role Playing
  • Strategy
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The Evil Wizard of al-Bardam has caught wind of Wyndall's new plan to save the knowledge of the Mages of the Tower!  He realizes that he must compete with all the new recruits that Wyndall is getting!

NOW RECRUITING: join the Evil Wizard of al-Bardam in his quest to conquer all of Starglow and rule the lands with an iron fist! Be one of the leaders, with fawning slaves at your feet!

But you must master the magic first!

This app contains a practice mode, which teaches you the spells you must know. If you think you have mastered the spells, dare to take the tests.

Pass the tests, and you will be granted an audience with the Evil Wizard himself!  An opportunity to delve into the darkest of the dark magics!

Fail, and... you will suffer a fate fitting to your low and wimpy score!

Starglow Black Magic Spells is a unique and original puzzle game.
You have to use the power of your VOICE to cast the spells used by the Mages of Starglow! Yes, THAT'S RIGHT, you actually cast the spells yourself!

Once you have learned the spells, invite friends and challenge them to do battle with you! Cast a Fireball or call a mighty Snowstorm on your opponent to defeat them!

*These spells do not actually work on Earth, they only work in the world of Starglow. However, with the new iPhone Starglow Spell Simulator, you may learn how to pronounce the arcane words yourself. Get the words just right, and you will be able to see if your spell was successful!

*There is no verifiable factual evidence that the world of Starglow actually exists.

This game requires a microphone to play.
Make sure the mute switch is not in mute mode when launching the game.