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Pool Boy Lite

iPhone / iPad
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Pool Boy is here to save you from forgetting all the tasks involved in maintaining a pool. Pool Boy also includes calculators, and note taking to facilitate pool ownership. You insert your pools shape, a name, and volume and Pool Boys calculators will help you when it comes to dosing chemicals, remind you of certain tasks, and take good care of your pool.

With Pool Boy Lite you can monitor and set up alerts for 1 Pool. Pool Boy Lite is also limited to 20 unique alerts and displays un-intrusive ads. If you need support for unlimited pools, and or don't wish to see ads please download Pool Boy Pro.

★★★★★★★★ Pool Boy Pro Features ★★★★★★★★★

Unlimited pools
Unlimited alerts per swimming pool
Unlimited equipment per pool
Synching Between Devices
No ads are displayed

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You can set up alerts for simple tasks such as adding chlorine, cleaning baskets, cleaning the filters, topping off the water, or some less frequent such as replacing the sand in the filter or whichever you desire since all alerts are fully customizable by day interval between alerts, time, and alert name.

Pool Boy also has a nifty water parameter log which includes fields for pH, Chlorine, Alkalinity, Total Dissolved Solids, Calcium, and Cyanuric Acid. You can then graph each test over a week, month, 6 months, or 1 year individually.

Pool Boy's calculators are adjustable to fit your maintenance products needs.

• Chlorine shows the level of disinfecting chlorine available to keep your pool sanitary.

• pH indicates how acidic or basic the water is.

• Total alkalinity indicates the water's ability to buffer pH changes. Buffering means you need to use a larger quantity of a chemical to change the pH.

• Over time, water with low calcium levels will tend to dissolve calcium out of plaster, pebble, tile, stone, concrete, and to some extent fiberglass surfaces.

• Cyanuric acid, often called stabilizer or sometimes conditioner, both protects Chlorine from sunlight and lowers the effective strength of the Chlorine.

• The level of Total Dissolved Solids in the pool is influenced by the chemicals we add, dust, dirt, human waste, and objects which fall into the pool.

• Salinity is for those who have salt water pools to be able to log the amount of salt in the water.