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Help!! 911

Help!! 911 may be a lifesaving app when you suddenly are in some sort of critical situation and the time for you to tell either the police or a family member where you are should be as short as possible.

The app has two main features:
- Sending SMS with your current coordinates to a collection of people you predefine.
- Calling the local emergency department

Situations you would use this is when you are lost somewhere, either hurt or just lost, and you will send a message to your friends where to find you.
Or you need medical help, there is a fire, or there is a breakin at your place, and you need police assistance.

In settings you add the contacts who will receive your emergency messages, and then, when you have trouble, you start the app and send the message. Either without editing anything, just your default text, like: HELP, or EMERGENCY, and your coordinates. So your friends can come and help you.

To call the police, an ambulance or the fire department, all you have to do is push the corresponding button.

In places with very little GSM net coverage, there may not be enough to make a phone call, but you could still be able to send a message. If you are stuck in a snowstorm, it could be critical information for the searching team to get your coordinates. GPS signals are always good outdoors.

If you have Edge/3G/Wi-Fi the app look up the address you're at, and this is also sent. Without it, it's just the coordinates that are sent.