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Triage Lights

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  • Medical
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Welcome to the Night Time Triage Application. Following are the instructions:

Since not all Mass Casualty Incidents (MCI) and Natural Disasters occur on bright sunny days it is important to be prepared for handling these terrible situations during the 12 out of 24 hours that are dark. To be truly 24/7 prepared you should utilize triage lights in your emergency response equipment. This is a simple tool to make the lives of all first responders a little easier.

Whenever a MCI occurs in the evening or late at night and locating and identifying priority patients is essential utilize the Triage application to aid in your efforts. A study has shown that by utilizing lights for triage you reduce patient collection times by over 30% with a reduction in patient errors from 4 patient errors down to 1 error. Following is the triage code:

1: The casualty requires immediate medical attention and will not survive if not seen soon. Any compromise to the casualty's respiration, hemorrhage control, or shock control could be fatal.

2: The casualty requires medical attention within 6 hours. Injuries are potentially life-threatening, but can wait until the Immediate casualties are stabilized and evacuated.

3: "Walking wounded," the casualty requires medical attention when all higher priority patients have been evacuated, and may not require stabilization or monitoring.

4: The casualty is expected not to reach higher medical support alive without compromising the treatment of higher priority patients. Care should not be abandoned, spare any remaining time and resources after Immediate and Delayed patients have been treated.

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