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NYC - Statue of Liberty

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Museum Planet presents a comprehensive narrated digital tour of the Statue of Liberty just off the foot of Manhattan.

The Statue of Liberty is the most iconic landmark in America. It represented the Promised Land to so many arriving immigrants.

How the monument came to be built, and the forces behind it, are stories in and of themselves. Joseph Pulitzer helped raise money for its construction. President Grover Cleveland accepted the monument for the United States despite having vetoed funding for the monument in 1884. You will learn the whole history of the monument in this simple tour.

You can stop and start the tour; jump around in it; stop it to read the often extensive text and enlarge all the photos with a ‘swoosh’ of your fingers.

The tour is better than a large and well-researched book. Museum Planet takes you there: 11 photographs, 2.3 minutes of audio and 1,038 words, plus biographies.

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