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MBA Sidekick

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MBA Sidekick is a comprehensive application for MBA Students and Professionals. This "go-to" app for MBAs is valuable while they prepare for classes, prepare for interviews or to use in post-MBA career. App includes data from US Treasury, FOMC, BEA and BLS so that you are fully aware of the economic environment around you.

App covers Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Statistics and Strategy. Actual calculations and analysis is performed for Finance and Statistics sections. Some calculations are performed in Accounting, Marketing and Units of Measurement.

A calculator is provided for every-day use.

Print & E-Mail PDF copies of output from selected screens.

Data supplied on amortization, car loan amortization, home loan amortization , straight bond and convertible bond input screens are saved when screen disappears, and retrieved when app is restarted.

Simple and easy to understand graphs and charts.

Files can be uploaded to web site ( and processed from the app for Covariance & Correlation, Simple & Multiple Regression and Summary Statistics.

This app requires data connectivity for Monte Carlo Simulation, Statistics, Yield Curve, News/Blog/Tweet, Fed Data and Weather to function correctly.

Key Features:

1. Accounting - Covers accounting concepts and calculations for ratio and Z-Score
a. Debit & Credit
b. Balance Sheet
c. Income Statement
d. Cash Flow Statement
e. Relationship Among Financial Statements
f. Investment Accounting
g. Securities Accounting
h. Capital Lease
i. Depreciation
j. Ratios

2. Economics - Covers Economic Concepts and provides access to economic data. Calculates nominal/real interest rate.

a. FOMC - including selected Fed Data
b. GDP
c. Balance of Payments
d. Money Supply
e. Production Function
f. Nominal/Real Interest Rate
g. Bureau of Economic Affairs (BEA) Feed
h. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Data
i. US Treasury Yield Curve

3. Finance - Calculations, Analysis, Graphs & Chart and print/e-mail selected output

a. Amortization
b. Bond - Straight Bond, Convertible Bond, Accrued Interest
c. Depreciation - Straight Line, Production or Use, Double Declining, Sum of Years' Digits and MACRS
d. Forward & Future - Forward, Futures - Commodity, Interest Rate, Index
e. Interest Rate -Annuity, Simple, Compound, Nominal/Real, Effective Annual Rate, Effective Annual Cost
f. Monte Carlo Simulation
h. Option - Equity/Stock/Index, Currency and option on future
i. T-Bill
j. Time Value
k. Valuation - APV, Beta - unlever/re-lever, CAPM, WACC Cost of Capital, WACC Valuation
l. What-if analysis - calculates one of 4 (Principle, Interest, Time and Payment) variables when 3 are supplied

4. Marketing - Concepts and Calculations for Life-Time-Value and Break-Even Analysis
a. STP
b. Porter's Generic Strategies
c. BCG Matrix
d. 3Cs
e. 4Ps
f. Product Life Cycle (PLC)
g. Pricing
h. Brand Familiarity
i. Brand Insight (DREK)
j. Customer Adaption
k. 7Ms
l. Marketing Channels
m. Life Time Value (LTV) calculations
n. Demand Forecast
o. Break-even analysis calculations

5. Statistics Calculations
b. Beta Function
c. Covariance & Correlation
d. Effect Size
e. Error Function
f. Gamma Function
g. Probability -PDF, CDF, p-value and inverse p-value
h. Regress - Simple & Multiple
i. Solver
j. Summary Statistics

6. Strategy Concepts
b. Porter's 5 Forces
c. Porter Generic Strategies
d. Sven Ss
e. Brand Insight (DREK)
e. Value Net
f. 4Ps

7. Calculator

8. News, Blog, Tweets - Add favorite RSS Feeds

9. Units of Measurement