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Chinese Words 4 Beginners 1 - Pocket Edition (CN4L2-1PE)

iPhone / iPad
  • Education
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Chinese 4 Beginners is a tool for learning the written Chinese language, including basic words and characters. When used as part of Chinese language education, the learning guide and built-in “hints” transform a simple “match the words to pictures” exercise into a way to gain some building-blocks for understanding the Chinese writing system. Works in matching English to Chinese and pictures, and for matching Chinese to English and pictures. Faster completion, fewer hints and fewer mistakes results in higher scores. The game includes 288 basic words in 16, covering over 500 characters. A good range of word groups and character components are covered that will be useful to any beginning and elementary Chinese language learner. A REVIEW mode helps introduce characters; the PLAY mode tracks high scores.

All Chinese words can be voiced (in both learn and play modes) with either female or male voices. Excellent standard pronunciation is provided for every word in the 16 sets.

We recommend downloading our free 87 page "Learning Guide", free on our web site, as a companion to this software. Together the book and the software are a great way to start your study of Chinese. Recommended as part of a comprehensive Chinese learning program. This program is designed to help students of Chinese with remembering Characters and learning to read Chinese -- not a program for beginning students of the language.