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You control a bird as it flies vertically through a thunderstorm. The goal is simple: dodge as many obstacles as you can. It seems easy at first with a few drops of rain falling, but the difficulty steadily ramps up as lightning periodically strikes and hail begins to fall. How long can you survive?

Control the bird by touching and dragging it across the screen with a finger. A faint red box with a bolder red line will appear while the bird is touched. The center line is exactly the width of the bird, acting as a guide to help you squeeze between projectiles. Get a raindrop within range of the larger box, and it will turn blue, adding Close points to your total score. It's a great way to boost your score, and also to wreck your game if you're not careful!

There are also other ways to earn points. Your Height score adds points at a rate depending on how high the bird is currently flying on the screen. More points are added at a time if you fly closer to the top, but you also shorten your lead time on the incoming projectiles. The number on the right of the screen indicates how many points are being added per second. In addition, you get a point added to your Dodge score for every raindrop or hailstone that crosses the bottom of the screen.

As you play you'll notice the feathers of the top ten past players float down on the left as you surpass their scores. As you improve, these feathers are going to become harder and harder to come across! When your game ends, and if your Total score is high enough, you'll get to enter your name into the top ten.