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HellBirds HD

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Are you tired of the birds always getting the last laugh? Well, just load your cannon and fire those avians into the pits of hell! The HellPigs are waiting to take their revenge!

There is still a glimmer of hope for the birds though - you can help them escape from the depths of Hades by clearing each level of tormented bird souls.

To clear each level you will need to guide your bird with precision Accelerometer control, through the depths of hell, collecting power-ups, extra lives and puzzle pieces while recovering those bad bird souls.

Bounce, roll and guide your bird into even the hardest to reach crevices.

Don’t let the timer run out or the HellPigs will really make things interesting! The devious HellPigs are cooking up all sorts of nasty surprises, like monsters from the deepest pits of hell that will devour even the fattest bird whole!

Watch out for the lava and acid or you will burn birdie burn!

HellBirds Features
Beautiful HD Graphics
20 Levels!
Secret Areas!
Tuned Accelerometer Control!
Advanced Physics!
Each Level has its own Daily and All-Time GameCenter Leaderboards!
Track Your Best Scores!
Lots of Achievements to Unlock!
Facebook, Twitter, Email your Accomplishments!

The pits of Hell await!

See the gameplay movie at: