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PhoneBook CleanMaster

iPhone / iPad
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PhoneBook CleanMaster is the best tool for cleaning up iPhone contacts, getting rid of duplicates and junk information and maintaining a clean and easy to access address book. It can also help to restore synchronization with desktop computers and remove discrepancies between multiple address books. It also helps clean of duplicated groups as well. PhoneBook CleanMaster has the most intuitive interface, it not only allows fine detailed modification for each individual contact, but also allows batch process for categories of contacts for merge and deletion. It is secure, fast and effective. For example, you can batch delete empty and duplicate contacts, clean out junk information such as bogus birthdays and OriginalCreationDate introduced by other apps.

First, PhoneBook CleanMaster helps you to clean duplicate and junk information that usually came from:
1. Errors and duplicates accumulated through the life time of an address book.
2. Introduced during synchronization from other systems. "Unknown" and empty contacts may be imported.
3. Sometimes, bogus information can be stored during backup and recovery, such as birthday with date 1900-1-1.
4. Some poorly designed iPhone contacts App may introduce junk information such as "OriginalCreationDate"
PhoneBook CleanMaster helps clean them all, with categorized batch process, and also individual selection process, it will make your address book much cleaner with precise and accurate information.

Second, PhoneBook CleanMaster supports iOS3 and later versions, but it can be even more useful for iOS5 users, for the following reasons:
1. After iOS5, backup of contacts has been much easier with the iCloud, but synchronization with other address book became more complicated. For synchronizing with PC's, replication of contacts maybe introduced, sometimes making the iPhone contacts unusable.
2. The automatic backup carries a price, that only one iTunes can be used to synchronize with iPhone contacts. How to propagate changes such as newly added contacts from iPhone to more than one PC's can be difficult. PhoneBook CleanMaster solves this problem by finding duplications in address book, and by allowing to delete or merge them individually or in batch. It also helps to find discrepancies between different address books, and then allows to batch import or export.
Through the fast and secure batch process, PhoneBook CleanMaster helps clean out the redundant information, and helps to reduce discrepancy between different address books to zero. Therefore let you maintain the consistence among all contacts and minimizes inaccurate and accidental loss of information.

If you have other request for cleanup of certain type of contacts, please use the "Request & Feedback" feature of the App to let the Waveline Team know. We will make sure it is implemented in the next version of PhoneBook CleanMaster. A clean address book can be the foundation for expanding contacts and connections.