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InformAmuse S.r.l, presents:
◆iMussomeli: your personal guide to the Castello Manfredonico-Chiaramontano in Mussomeli (Sicily, Italy)◆

Enjoy your visit to this splendid castle in the heart of Sicily, visit its unique construction that has earned it the nickname of “Eagle’s Nest”.
Narrations of exciting descriptions, anecdotes and legends mixed carefully with fiction and historic accuracy, images collected from privileged points of view and two magnificent 360° panoramas will bring this location to you, wherever you may be.

iMussomeli is available also in Italian.

◆TOUR◆ Listen to the descriptions and watch the images of greatest interest inside the Castle. The section is organized into three parts – the entrance to the castle, the Noble floor, and the subterranean areas. Each part offers a group of audio/video sequences describing its details.
◆360°◆ Two panoramic views that you can navigate and zoom of the courtyard to the Noble floor. The first one is centered in the middle of the courtyard at eye-level. The second is centered at the peak of the arch that separates the courtyard from the covered area (point of view inaccessible to the public). With these, you can enjoy an enthusiastic immersive and interactive experience from your own home.
◆IMAGES◆ A series of high definition images, selected and annotated to better acquaint your with this unique location.
◆LEGENDS◆ A taste of the many legends that circulate about the castle narrated professionally. For each one, you can read the narration text to be even more involved in the story.
◆MORE◆ Information pages on the city of Mussomeli, such as how to get to the castle, and more.

This guide aims to give you as must information as possible on the Castello Manfredonico-Chiaramontanto in Mussomeli, also known by its nickname of “Eagle’s Nest”.

Our goal is to help:
◆ Those who cannot visit in person to enjoy a virtual visit as realistic as possible;
◆ Those who have already visited to hold on to a marvelous memory;
◆ Those who are planning a visit to enjoy a delicious teaser and to have with them a personal guide during their visit;
◆ Those who are not aware of it, and invite them to visit.

The Castello di Mussomeli, designed in 1364 by Manfredi Chiaramonte the 3rd, was constructed on a powerful outcropping of a unique, enormous block of limestone reaching almost 80 meters high, located in a position of absolute dominion over the surrounding countryside. The castle is almost fully inaccessible, equipped with a double ringed wall, able to hold even a full garrison of knights who, if needed, would be ready for battle. It was impossible to approach the castle without being seen in time. The only access route is narrow and easily defended from on high.
The inside is organized in a functional manner into well apportioned rooms according to their use. There are stables, the Prince’s rooms, service areas, armory, subterranean areas, and the chapel, all of which are located and organized in ways that best utilize the natural morphological characteristics of the rock on which the castle was built.

(Contract between the City of Mussomeli and InformAmuse S.r.l. approved by City Council deliberation n. 18 on February 3rd, 2011)