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My Audiobook Player

iPhone / iPad
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Updated to work for all versions of iOS 7, 8, and 9

My Audiobook Player plays all YOUR audio files from your iPod. Excellent for audiobooks downloaded from non major websites, from your computer or playing backups of your audiobook CDs! This means you are NOT locked into any websites! You create a profile, sync your audiobooks and it automatically bookmarks where you are up to.

-Plays all audio files that are supported on your iPod; including MP3’s and Audible file types
-Automatically bookmarks your position in a book
-Listen to multiple books! Bookmarks work for multiple books so that you can listen to more than one book at a time
-Plays audio in the background so you can use other apps on your phone while listening to your favorite audiobooks (not supported with audible file types, but is supported with every other file type (MP3 etc.))
-Supports very large/long audio files
-Supports large audiobook playlists
-Multiple profiles can be created; this means that you can have separate profiles so that more than one person can use the device and have their own books and bookmarks
-Sleep timer function that will pause audiobook after a custom set time
-Audio play speed function that lets you play books at custom speeds (not supported with audible file types, but is supported with every other file type (MP3 etc.))
-Pause after each chapter option, so you can just listen to 1 chapter at a time!
-Uses a confirmation alert to prevent accidently pressing the ‘Skip to Next/Previous Track’ buttons while listening to audiobooks.

My Audiobook Player works off YOUR iPod library. This means that you are not tied to any audiobook websites, you can play anything you like! So all those audiobooks that you have downloaded from ‘other’ websites as well as the audiobooks that you have downloaded from major websites can all be enjoyed using My Audiobook Player.

The app works very similar to your iPod, with one major difference. It will bookmark your last played position and that will be local to that book. This is great in the situation if you were listening to your book, then decide you want to put on some music, you could switch straight to your iPod without having to worry about remembering where you were up to.

The profiles are also great. If you have a partner or kids who like to use your device to listen to audiobooks, they can make their own profile with their own books without interfering with your library or bookmarks. You could also use the profile feature to create separate libraries for different genres.

The easiest way to use My Audiobook Player is to:
-If not already, import your audio files into iTunes
-Optionally make a new playlist using the songs/chapters you want in a book in iTunes (This makes it easier to add a large amount of files in one go!)
-Sync your device with iTunes, making sure you have that playlist checked to sync with your device
-Then open My Audiobook Player on your iPhone
-Click ‘Add Book’
-Navigate to the playlists or to any files you already have on your device
-Click on the song or ‘Add all songs’ in a playlist or album
-Save and Done!