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JumblePix for iPad

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JumblePix allows you to scramble any photo in your photo library and then attempt to unscramble the photo using a simple, easy to use interface. It will also allow you to use the camera (if on iphone) to take a snapshot to scramble. You can also use the app to scramble your photos, save them to your photo library, and send them to your friends to unscramble.

To use it, simply load a photo from your library. Then, select a 'piece'. It will be heavily outlined in red so you can tell which one is selected. Next, touch the area where you want to place the selected piece. The pieces will change places. When a piece is in its proper place, it will lose its border and be locked. Do this until the photo appears as it would in your photo library.

You can 'peek' at the photo you are working with a 'swipe' to the left. When you are done peeking, just tap the screen and you will be taken back to the puzzle. Each 'peek' will
cost you 2 moves.

You can always change the difficulty level of your puzzle from 'Options'. The puzzle sizes range from 3x3 to 8x8.

NOTE: If you are working on a 'scrambled' photo, you will not be able to peek or change difficulty.

Another great feature of JumblePix is the ability to scramble your photos and save them, scrambled, to your photo library. Then, you can access them at your leisure to email them
to your friends. They can save the photos (without knowing what they are). When they load them into JumblePix, they will be able to solve them to find out what you have sent.
They will not be able to 'peek' or change difficulty so don't make it too tough.