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5x5 Timer HD

  • Sports
  • Productivity
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5x5 Timer is a high-performance programmable timer app, which can be used for various purposes such as sports, study, and improving work efficiency.
5x5 Timer works even when another app is working, thanks to the background function.
You can stretch the remaining time to the full screen. It is recognizable from a distance.

• Stylish and intuitive interface is provided.
• You can register up to 5 programs with up to five steps.
• The progress bar allows the intuitive grasp of the remaining time.
• The remaining time is displayed digitally on the big screen. It is also possible to view it on full screen.
• Repeat function comes with. Timer program can be executed repeatedly.
• Let you know the end of each step by the alarm when remaining time reaches zero.
• In silent mode, the message and vibration tell you the step end.
• Works even in background and even when iPhone is locked.
• 1 step is up to 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

Examples of applications:
• Interval training for athletics.
• To grasp elapsed time while jogging.
• Sparring of martial arts.
• Study of qualifications, languages, and so on.
• Pasta boiling time.
• Time management for meetings.
• Improving work efficiency by sandwiching regular breaks (Pomodoro technique).
• Etc ...