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Unhealthy hair often comes from unhealthy scalp. Nowadays people live in a world full of anxiety and pressure, as a result of which they may have more than one problem with hair or scalp, e.g. oily scalp, dandruff, hair loss, etc.

Rene Furterer was founded in southern France in 1957, and have already analyzed over millions of people’s hair and scalp all over the world. In 2011, Rene Furterer Taiwan has developed a unique mobile scalp check-up system “iHairSalon”, connecting iPad or iPhone, with a wireless scalp analyzer. People can easily scrutinize their scalp situation thanks to questionnaire in the iPhone or iPad, as well as the analyzer, and learn the condition of their scalp, e.g. oily, dandruff, sensitive or irritated, or potential of hair loss.

After filling out the questionnaire and using the analyzer to examine the scalp, user can cross check with pictures of different type of problematic scalp, and precisely determine the condition of his/ her hair and scalp.

Main functions
*Self-scalp exam: Through a simple interactive experience, user can have a “hair and scalp check-up”, and learn more about the causes of his/ her scalp problem.
*Scalp analysis: Through the wireless scalp analyzer, which can be connected through Wifi to iPad or iPhone, user can clearly see his/ her scalp, and analyze if his/ her scalp is healthy.
*Find the appropriate hair care products: Based on the result of scalp analysis, user can find the suitable products to improve or prevent his/ her scalp condition.



創立於1957年的法國專業髮品RF荷那法蕊,經由分析全球數百萬人的頭皮與頭髮問題,獨家研發「iHairSalon髮力健診美髮系統」,全程只需兩分鐘,將兩百倍率的頭皮檢測儀,經由無線方式連接 iPad或 iPhone,將探頭輕輕置於頭皮,則可清楚檢視頭皮現況,除了可有效判斷油性、乾性、敏感紅腫、頭皮屑等問題,也可經由頭皮狀況及髮幹粗細,了解頭皮及頭髮健康與否。

* 兩分鐘頭皮自我檢測:透過簡單的互動過程,為自己的頭皮及頭髮健診,了解造成頭皮或頭髮困擾的原因。
* 結合頭皮檢測儀:透過與 iPad或 iPhone連接的行動頭皮檢測儀,可清楚檢視頭皮現況,了解頭皮及頭髮健康與否。
* 找到真正適合的髮品:依照RF荷那法蕊 iHairSalon的檢測結果,找到適合您頭皮及髮質屬性的產品,預防及改善頭皮及頭髮問題。