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Call Forwarding Assistant

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Call Forwarding Assistant allows you to setup call divert settings with one click.It will save this setting as a new contact. Next time, when you need to activate call forwarding, just look up that contact and dial the number.

1)When you're home.You can forward it to your home number so you can use any extension in the house, and so you don't miss any calls while the iPhone is turned off or charging.
2)When you send your iPhone to Apple for battery replacement, you can forward the calls to your home or work phone number.
3)When you're traveling, you can forward the number to one of the Web-based services that answers your voicemail and sends it to you as an email attachment
4)When you're going to be in a place with little or no cell coverage , you can forward the calls to your hotel or a friend's cellphone. (Forwarded calls eat up your allotment of minutes, though.)

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