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This App has 14 examples of how circuit analysis techniques such as KCL, KVL and
Superposition are applied. It is not a substitute for the lectures and coursework
necessary to learn circuit analysis. This app simply provides examples of circuit
analysis in addition to what is provided in your class lectures and textbook.

There are a total of 14 circuits that are analyzed:
1 Series-Parallel Reduction
3 Superposition
2 Thevenin
2 Norton
3 RL
3 RC

Press the "bookmark" icon to bring up the list of circuits. Select a circuit in the popover and then press outside the popover to dismiss it and display the selected circuit. The interface allows you to step forward or backward through each analysis step.

This is a now a free App but uses interstitial ads that will display, if available, after the popover is dismissed. There are no banner ads and no in-app purchases.