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ColdAltitude enables you to easily calculate multiple temperature corrected approach altitudes.

Obtain METAR & TAF for the approach airport. Set the temperature from the METAR by pressing a button.

Enter the field elevation and temperature, then any desired altitudes to be corrected. The app does all the calculations and rounding for you.

SAVE/LOAD Approach feature! Enter your anticipated approaches pre-flight for instant calculation airborne.

Uses the formula from the AIM - same calculations used by the Royal Canadian Air Force and in the USA.

Change your desired calculation, units of measurement and various other settings in the stock settings app:
- rounded altitudes
- feet / meters
- celcius / fahrenheit
- mountainous / non-mountainous region
- colour of altitude output
- prevent device from sleeping
- iPhone/iPod - enable scrolling through altitudes

Other features:
- 10 altitude fields to temperature correct
- 20 save slots for your most used or anticipated approaches
- obtain and reference the latest weather for the approach airport
- use temperature slider for large temperature changes and increment buttons to fine-tune

American calculation allows for temperatures starting at 10 degrees Celsius / 50 Fahrenheit.

On the iPad, view a simulated Approach Plate with the temperature corrected values.

Use as a reference/guide only. Fly Safe!