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Colonization First-hand American History

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Recommended OS 4.2 or better.

Now you can study the Colonization and Settlement of America from first-hand perspective. This is volume 2 of the First-hand History of America. This essential app includes 63 primary source accounts from 1562 to 1733. No source is better than the original. It is untainted and tells the history as it happened.

The content in this app is included in our colossal “First-hand History of America” app with nearly 700 primary source accounts.

*This App includes 63 First-hand Accounts:
• The Founding of St. Augustine and the Massacre by Menendez
• The Founding of St. Augustine
• The Huguenots in Florida
• Dominique de Gourgues
• Drake in California
• A Description of Drake
• Sir Walter Raleigh's Virginia Colonies
• The First Voyage to Roanoke
• The Colony at Roanoke
• The Birth of Virginia Dare
• Gosnald's Discovery of Cape Cod
• Gosnold's Settlement at Cuttyhunk
• First Charter of Virginia
• The Settlement of Jamestown
• The Founding of Quebec
• Champlain's Battle with the Iroquois on Lake Champlain
• The Discovery of the Hudson River
• Hudson's Third Voyage
• The First Representative Assembly
• Origin of Slavery in America
• The Voyage of the Mayflower
• How the Pilgrim Fathers Lived
• Founding of New Amsterdam
• The Beginnings of the Massachusetts Bay Colony
• The Settlement of Massachusetts
• The Founding of Connecticut
• Lord Baltimore's Plantation in Maryland
• The Pequot Massacre at Fort Mystic
• Roger Williams in Rhode Island
• How the Bay Colony Differed from Plymouth
• The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
• The Body of Liberties
• The Founding of Harvard College
• The Founding of New Sweden
• Arbitrary Government Described and the Government of the Massachusetts Vindicated from that Aspersion
• Witchcraft in New England
• The Instrument of Government
• A Healing Question
• The Persecution of the Quakers
• The Penalty for Not Going to Church
• John Locke and the Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina
• The English Conquest of New York
• Eliot's Brief Narrative
• Marquette's Discovery of the Mississippi
• The Outbreak of King Philip's War
• The Death of King Philip
• Bacon's Rebellion
• The Death of Marquette
• Discovery of Niagara Falls
• La Salle's Voyage to the Mouth of the Mississippi
• Letter from Eliot to Hon. Robert Boyle
• The Famous Charter Oak Affair
• Description of Pennsylvania
• Penn's Treaty with the Indians
• M. Robert Cavelier De La Salle
• Leisler's Rebellion
• Witchcraft in New England
• The Founding of William and Mary College
• The Settlement of Louisiana
• The Colonization of Louisiana
• Phipps, The First of Our Self-Made Men
• Establishing the Colony of Georgia
• Oglethorpe in Georgia

Main Features:
• Create multiple tabs (study/compare several documents simultaneously)
• Auto-scrolling (variable speed, portrait/landscape)
• Adjustable font size
• Double-tap to toggle full screen
• Night mode – black background with white text
• Highlighting (individual words, phrases, paragraphs; includes 12 colors, bold, underline, and italics)
• Bookmarks
• Personal Notes
• Document Select Rolodex (quick navigation tool for finding/selecting a document)
• Full Search
• Return to where you left off reading when you open the program