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Routine Guy

iPhone / iPad
  • Health & Fitness
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If you have fitness goals, YOU NEED THIS APP!

Routine Guy is an easy-to-use, convenient, and motivating application that helps you with your fitness goals. It's like having your own personal trainer right there with you during your workouts!

Here's what Routine Guy will do for you:

*Create, Customize and Track your OWN workout routines!

*Create as many exercise routines as you like! Create your routine and then add the exercises. Select the exercise type from existing templates for weight lifting, aerobic, or resistance exercises (i.e. pushups, pullups, situps...) or create your own by selecting the custom type. Then record the details for that exercise. Create your routines once, then when your ready to workout just select the routine, select the starting exercise and press Start. Routine Guy will display the detail information for the exercise. If you need to change something, say you did an extra set on the bench press today, Routine Guy allows you to change the current exercise detail to match your workout. When your done with the current exercise press Next and Routine Guy will display the next exercise for you stepping you through the entire routine. When your done Routine Guy has logged the routine as completed today building a history of all routines you've done.

Routine Guy also helps you track your daily calories!

*Track daily calorie intake and calories burned! Routine Guy helps you track Calories Consumed for each meal and Calories Burned during exercise. All exercises that have a “Calories” entry will automatically be added to the Calories Burned - Exercise entry on the daily calorie log. You can also record additional calories if needed. Enter a daily Calorie Goal if you like to remind you how many calories you would like to consume in a day. Routine Guy will show you a chart of your net calories and your calorie goal by rotating your phone to landscape while viewing the Daily Calories.

Routine Guy helps you track your weight!

*Record and Monitor your weight! Routine Guy helps you track your weight. Just create a weight log entry which contains you current weight and, if you like, enter your weight goal. Routine Guy will chart your current weight and your weight goal for you so you can see your progress. Just rotate your phone to landscape while viewing the Weight Log.