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Anna Hazare : Ghandhigiri begins again

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Anti-Corruption- Hi, I am Anti-Corruption I am fighting for my nation, my people’s rights . I want to tell you that “Today we all are exploiting the earthen resources like petrol, diesel, kerosene, coal and water. It is ruining our Mother Earth. Rich are getting richer and poor are getting more poorer.” We should Save our Earth.

Corruption : Hey, don’t mess with me. I don’t understand your stupid talks.

Anti-Corruption : You are not thinking about the future. This is a selfish and inhuman deed.
How can you be so brutal?

Corruption : Don’t waste my time I have to count the money which I just got from other ministers.
Not interested in your boring talks. I would advise you to back off.

Anti-Corruption: You have so much negativity within you. Do you see that the country is today ridden by you (corruption). India Against Corruption (IAC) is a citizen's movement to demand strong anti-corruption laws. The primary focus of IAC movement is to ensure a strong Lokpal bill which will benefit my Nation and the people of my Nation in numerous ways. I will not back off.

Corruption : I am already harassing you and your people, if you oppose me I will ruin you completely, you will be finished. I have more power than you. All big ministers and powerful people of the Nation are on my side. What will you do to me, whom do you have??

Anti-Corrupton :  I have ‘Anna Hazare : Anti-Corruption Social Activist.’
He’s the real hero. He is one man army. We will eradicate you and we have what you don’t have-

Please take 2 mins of your time and download free app and give your support towards eliminating the disease of Corruption from India. We sincerely request you to spread this message globally. India Against Corruption! Jai Hind!