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EvoLife is a game/simulation that allows you to create virtual life and watch it evolve to either survive or die! You pick how a large group of cells behaves--their tendency to give birth, and live and die from loneliness or overcrowding--and watch it evolve... or fail to.

From several simple rules (explained in the instructions), you can get some amazing emergent behavior. Give your cells an easy time, or have more fun, and make their lives difficult. Either the cells will die off from lack of adaptation, or they'll survive and even thrive. Even better, as the cells evolve, they change colors, so you can see exactly how each cell is adapting to its surroundings.

This program is a great educational tool for individuals and schools, as it shows, step by step, how simple life forms evolve and either survive or die. Even better, as the cells evolve, you can see at a glance (by looking at cell colors) just what is going on, and how they are adapting to survive.

Good luck choosing your options: if you're good at your job, you can watch your cells thrive, and pretend to be Dr. Frankenstein, saying, "It's Alive! Alive!!"