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Measurement Diary

iPhone / iPad
  • Health & Fitness
  • Medical
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** This is the bug fix version for iOS8 **

6 in 1: Measurement Diary - Blood Pressure (Pulse Pressure), Body Weight (BMI), Pulse, Blood Sugar, Body Temperature, Your Own Type

* What‘s Hot of Healthcare Category in Canada, France, Schweiz/Suisse, Mexico, Chile, Korea, Singapore, Philippines

The 'Touch-Statistics' and 'Trend-Icon' of the last 2/5/10/20/100 measurements, the 'Trend-Graphic' and the very helpful 'Email-Report' with 'CSV-Export' of certain period will help you and your doctor to control instantly your health condition.

The 'Measurement Diary' is very easy to use and has following smart features:

* Smart Tracking:
- Body Weight(kg/lb) with BMI, Body Temperature(°C/°F), Pulse, Blood Pressure (with Pulse Pressure), Blood Sugar (mg/dL, mmol/L) and Your own type
- Automatic conversion: kg - lbs, °C - °F, mg/dL - mmol/L
- Measurement History List per measurement type
- Pulse & Blood Pressure in one screen mask (for new values)

* Smart Statistics:
- Touch-Statistics of the last 2/5/10/20/100 values in the measurement list (swipe with one finger on the statistics to change the value range)
- 'Trend Icon' based on the current value range
- 9 'Trend-Graphics' (inclusiv BMI) of certain period
- 21 Statistics Diagrams: Distribution, Time of day, Weekday, Day of Month and Month of Year for Blood Pressure, Pulse, Blood Sugar and Temperature
- Statistical overview

* Smart Report:
- New beautiful & useful email report for certain period with preview
- Measurement timesheet in email report
- CSV export of measurement log for your pc
- Email-report in 6 foreign languages without changing language of iOS device (English/Français/Español/Deutsch/Italian/日本語/한국어)

* Smart Navigation: Swipe & Tap
- Swipe left or right with one or two fingers for changing the views or other periods of quick-statistics
- The gesture-title appears and disappears automatically
- Quick display of info title by one-tap
- Saving the data by double-tap

* Smart Setting:
- Goal value for body weight (with BMI), blood pressure, blood sugar, your own type
- Your own type with type name, unit, decimal places
- Customer link for the knowledge about BMI, body temperature, pulse, blood pressure and blood sugar
- Time interval in 1, 5, 10, 15, 30-minutes
- Warning / Confirmation
- Gesture
- Database Backup & Restore via email
- Transper app database to the other iOS devices via email
- For iPhone 5 & iOS 6 optimized

* This app is not intended to use for self-diagnosis or self-treatment. Only your doctor can assess and plan your pain management and treatment.