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Math Exercise Kid HD (Division)

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Math Exercise Kid has dynamic generated word problems to help students see quantities and understand relationships between numbers. Through Math Exercise Kid, students will learn how to solve math word problems and set up equations.

Math Exercise Kid (Division) is an interactive math exercise application for students to practice divisions. Students can perform step-by-step division exercises, and show work by using the column filed(s) with each exercise. Math Exercise Kid (Division) provides mobility and flexibility for students to practice division exercises. Students can easily apply division skills learned through the Math Exercise Kid to paper-based exercise in schools.

Math Exercise Kid HD (Division) is an iPad application with NEW features including 1) word problem section to help students develop their word problem solving abilities, 2) the Hint option in the practice mode, 3) the Exam Mode to test students multiplication skills, and the 4) Progress Tracking system for parents, teachers, and tutors to track student's learning progresses.

-Add Facebook share functionality
-Support the iPad 3 High Resolution Device
-Customized user Interface design
-Six different levels for non-word problem exercises: dividend (up to three digits) and divisor (up to three digits)
-Four different levels for word problems: Easy, Medium, Advanced and Elite (Numbers in Elite level are represented as English words; for example, 125 = one hundred twenty-five)
-Columns to help students show work
-Randomly generated numbers and word problems for variety
-Option to choose number of exercises in each practice/exam/word problem session
-Option to turn on and turn off sound effects.
-Summary of student’s achievement in each exercise session
-Option to turn on and turn off Exam Mode and set up exam time
-Hint option to pin-point exactly where is incorrect
-Progress Tracking system for parents, teachers, and tutors to track student's learning progresses
-Option to turn on and turn off word problem section
-Option to turn on and turn off the set up equation feature in the word problem section.