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Old School DM

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Old School DM is designed to assist DMs who create and run adventures for older versions of Dungeons and Dragons. Old School DM lets lets you set up and run encounters with your players. Your players keep track of their characters, while the app helps you run "your side of the table." Old School DM displays the stats and status for the monsters in the encounter and will roll the to-hit and damage dice on request.

Old School DM now is compatible for four "flavors" of D&D:
- AD&D 1st Edition
- AD&D 2nd Edition
- OSRIC (a 1st edition "clone")
- Basic/Expert D&D
For the basic aspects of running encounters (hit points, armor class, to-hit rolls, types of attacks, etc.) these D&D (and D&D-like) variants are very similar. The only real difference at the to-hit tables (or THAC0 values). The app now accounts for these differences.

The purpose of Old School DM is to help you enjoy the game, easing the tedious elements while letting you retain the aspects you like doing manually.

One use for the app is as a platform for planning and creating adventures between sessions. If you have your iPhone with you and have an idea for a new monster or encounter you can no do so very conveniently. With the exception of drawing the map, you could create and document an entire dungeon in the app.

Old School DM comes with a few monsters and a couple of sample encounters set up to get you started. You'll be entering new monsters and creating your own encounters within minutes. Then round up your players (and maybe some lead figures) and roll for initiative.

I encourage you to post your suggestions on my support blog or at the Old School Roleplaying forum (follow the links from the blog). That way I can follow up with you for more information (which I can't if your post suggestions here at the App Store).