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Actio - The Activity & Participation Tracker

iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
  • Education
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Originally created as "toy" app to track excessive talkers in business meetings, Actio has since become a serious and popular tool in education for tracking student participation, science experiments, sporting events, and much more!

Actio uses a grid of timers that are tied to one or more group of members. Tapping a timer starts the clock. Normally tapping a different timer will "hand off" the active roll, turning off the previous timer. This is great for classroom settings where one person is speaking, relay races, etc. You can change this behavior to concurrent mode to allow multiple timers to run at the same time.

Actio keeps track of the total time each member is active in a given event, and provides graphs and statistics to help you visualize how much each member was active. Actio internally tracks more specific detail, including the exact dates and times each member was active. This raw data can be exported in CSV format to be archived and analyzed in any modern spreadsheet.

Once you create your groups and add new members, Actio remembers these groups for future events. This is great for education, as you can have multiple classes stored in Actio. You can even start an event with one group, pause that event, start a different event for another group, and then go back to the original event later in the day or week and pick up where you left off!

Actio’s strength is its simplicity - it is very easy, intuitive, and fast to use. This allows you to stay focused on your event, not our app. Actio is a great tool for education, business, or anywhere you need to easily track the activity of multiple participants.