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Wild Dolphins

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Award winner in the "Top of the Class" list by eSpark as a best educational app, receiving most positive feedback from students and for engaging and intuitive user experience.

If you know about the movie "Dolphin Tale" or are interested in Dolphins, Marine Mammals, or Ocean Science, you will love this FREE App!

Wild Dolphins tells the story behind the movie "Dolphin Tale". Interviews, videos, graphics, sounds and interactive elements provide a factual and scientific background to Winter’s miraculous rescue and recovery.

When she was just a few months old, Winter was caught in a crab trap in Florida. She was so severely wounded that she lost her beautiful tail fluke. Crippled for life, she nonetheless rises above her limitations to inspire others who find themselves in similar situations. Winter was given a new prosthetic tail and the opportunity to rehabilitate to a new life.

The content in this App is entertaining, moving and educational. It contains the original video of Winter's rescue, interactive blueprints and a rotating element demonstrating her prosthetic tail. There is a whole educational section about dolphins: where they live in the world, their external anatomy (experienced through a fun interactive element), marine mammal acoustic research and actual sound files of dolphins communicating, including a conversation between a mother and her calf.

Wild Dolphin features:

* Original video of Winter's rescue and other dolphin rescues
* 20 plus videos about marine mammal life and historical footage
* Interviews with the amazing team who invented, designed and fitted Winter's prosthetic tail fluke
* Interviews with professionals who research, track, rescue, save and medically treat dolphins
* Sound files of dolphin whistles, clicks, buzzes and chirps
* A rare conversation between a mother and her calf
* Interactive graphics and blueprints of dolphin anatomy
* Interactive maps, facts and figures about dolphins around the world
* Advice on how we can eliminate threats to dolphins to help them thrive
* Interactive 40-year time line of the accomplishments of Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute

Wild Dolphins also tells the story of how Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute has been protecting wild dolphins for more than a decade. Here you meet some of the people who have made Winter’s amazing recovery possible, starting with actual original video footage of Winter's rescue. You meet the professional carer-takers who helped transform her life. Because of the dedication, skill, and passion of these and other individuals, Winter is not only alive, but thriving and inspiring kids, veterans, and adults who are struggling to overcome physical limitations.

While Winter was rescued, saved and is now famous, her story is just one many stories of dolphins in the wild. In this app, you'll also meet Rio and Mono and Hiho. They are not as famous as Winter, but they are given a chance to continue living in the wild as a result of positive interventions.

Wild Dolphins is produced by the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute Foundation Inc. and Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute at Florida Atlantic University. Scientific research backs up the stories in this app that includes many articles and interactive features to help us all learn about dolphins, our relationship with them and what we can do to protect them.

Wild Dolphins is available free for a limited time.