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Teach your kids to read.

Learn 1,000 the most used English words.

We've gotten phenomenal results with our students in a week.

You start with 1,000 words, sorted by the use frequency. We assume that all of them are "unknown" for your child, so all words are in the unknown group (cards with the blue background). To move a word into the known group (cards with the green background) press the smiley button (:-) in the left lower corner of the card. To move a word to the maybe group (cards with the red background), press the maybe button (?!) . To move a word into the unknown group, press the sad button (:-(.

To move between words - swipe left / right. To switch between groups - swipe up / down. If a group is empty - it is not available. For example, at the beginning all words are marked as unknown, as the result only the unknown group is available. Mark at least one word as known or maybe to make the second corresponding group available.


- 1,000 English words, sorted by their use frequency, the most popular ones are at the beggining
- three (3) card groups (known, unknown, maybe)
- one click / swipe navigation (first, previous, next and last) through the cards in a group
- one swipe navigation through the card groups
- one click moving a word to another group
- use frequency sort (the most popular ones are at the beggining) per group
- random sort per group
- results reset
- turn on / off upper / lower case
- turn on / off indexing
- turn on / off mark buttons
- turn on / off help button
- one page help / instructions