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Super Trivia Wars!

iPhone / iPad
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“God created Super Trivia Wars so that Americans would learn geography.”
― Mark Twain

And Geography is one of the categories in this mobile epic by the makers of the award-winning, My Stuffy Bear, My Stuffy Christmas and the popular My Stuffy Bunny! Games on the Down Low have done it again, but this time they have elicited the help of the world's most notorious trivia villains to challenge their supporters in the fight of the century: Super Trivia Wars! This fun, energetic and highly comical trivia masterpiece is fun for the whole family. The evil Dr. Aplomb has allowed his minions to run amok on Query City and it is up to you to stop them before it is too late. If you have any hope for humanity, then you have to play Super Trivia Wars! Download it now before it is too late.

Which of the following best describes SuperTrivia Wars?

A) Battle super villains to test your vast trivia knowledge.
B) Wield super hero lifeline powers to turn the tide of battle.
C) Answer trivia questions correctly and save the world from Dr. Aplomb’s deadly plot.
D) All of the above!

If you answered D, you’re the kind of hero the Whiz Kids need!

Super Trivia Wars is an innovative trivia game where you battle super villains by answering trivia questions. Each time you answer correctly your superhero is that much closer to victory, but if you answer incorrectly the villains will remind you how wickedly dangerous they are. (By punching you. Villainously.)

Don’t forget, the super villains have many tricks up their costumed sleeves. These tricks may require you to answer arcane questions or the villains may hit you with a power that requires you to take action and shake your device! Don't worry, you have your own hero utility belt - before each battle you'll get to pick the powers you'll need to win.

No other app on the planet is filled with as much trivia, battle, action, justice and truth than SuperTrivia Wars. Just look at all the features in store for you!
- Over 1,000 mind-bending questions.
- 10 varied categories of questions and 2 special categories.
- 6 super villains, each with their own special questions and powers.
- Super villain powers used against you like Implausible Bulk’s Jelly Donut attack. Shake your device to get it off!
- Professionally designed and draw comic book characters!
- A concocted story worthy of comical comic book connoisseurs!

Archvillain Dr. Aplomb, the most powerful, most feared, and worst villain of the world, is looking for revenge. The Whiz Kids have foiled his plans for the last time. To reverse his fortune, Dr. Aplomb hatches a plot that will involve five of the vilest evildoers in Query City. Together their goal is to eliminate Query City's doughty protectors!

Only YOU can stop Dr. Aplomb and his evil and slightly absurd plans of world domination. Play as a Whiz Kid, confront Dr. Aplomb and his villainous gang, and beat him at his own trivial game!