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Fraction fiddle: reach the target

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Help a boy to hit a bullseye with his paper plane. Build two fractions that add up to a target number up to two. Complete the numerators of both fractions (one may have a fixed denominator). For example, work out how many thirds and how many sixths can be added together to total 4/3. Look at fraction bars and a number line to compare the two fractions and their total. This learning object is one in a series of seven objects. Key learning objectives •Students explore the effect of changing the numerator and denominator on the type and size of a fraction. •Students identify pairs of fractions that add up to a target number. •Students find equivalent fractions. Educational value •Helps students to relate numerators and denominators to the type and size of a fraction. •Provides a framework for students to make and test predictions. •Features a tool that dynamically generates the position of fractions and totals on a number line. •Prompts students to find and identify equivalent fractions. •Includes an onscreen notebook that provides a record of the student's work. •Provides an option to print each set of equations in the student's onscreen notebook. Year level 5