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R.U.Impaired University - The Game

iPhone / iPad
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This app is a game that focuses on the player's eye / hand reaction times and scoring the results in a college grading system.  The game acts like a college system with semesters, graduation, letters from the Dean and other college characters, commenting on the player's performance.   High scores receive praise while poor grades get humorous, sarcastic comments. 
At the start of the game there is an array of text labeled buttons.  The player is instructed to press the button that matches a displayed text, like "Chaucer" or "Molecule"  or "Franklin."    Every correct choice leads to the next item, and the buttons are shuffled.  After several items the "Semester" is over with a score and grade is given.  Upon completion of the "Senior" year the cumulative score in the form of Grade Point Average is given and graduation occurs.   
The object of the game is to get the highest grades possible.   Poor grades are met with sarcastic remarks, mainly from "The Office of The Dean."  
In its own merit, it is somewhat challenging to get good grades.  A long series of college oriented terms are passed by the player.  Many of the series are useful in the general sense - as people will be exposed to terms and vocabulary such as"Schrödinger,"  "algorithm," "Milton," "Planck," "Kipling," "Puck," "archipelago"  which  they may never have seen before - and could be helpful.  
The real potential for success seems to be in the evaluation of students at times of potential impairment like being overworked, having emotional stress, or being under the influence of alcohol.   This app may offer a simple way for the player to judge the relative competence of his current state compared to his normal state.   Getting scores of A's and B's and C's should be fairly likely under normal situations, yet should be quite difficult under situations of any impairment.   "No B's, no Beer" being in the town bar and frat parties may be the focus of the whole game…. if you are not getting B's,  you are not doing well.   It may offer players an objective score of their impairment that they may not be aware of by any other way except the policemen's breathalyzer.  In this way it may be educational and maybe of general social benefit. 
This app does not encourage alcohol consumption or illegal drug use, and it may have a genuine positive influence of personal insight into impairment. There is an outside chance this app will  generate wide spread use at parties and activities where impairment threatens.