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Ling Note

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PLEASE NOTE that this is not a dictionary!!!

This is a way, or more precisely, a method, of studying and memorizing words! These words can be from any language in the world, and they are precisely the words that you need, right here and right now! You create your own WORKBOOK (LANGUAGE NOTES), and fill it using words from the languages and topics you find interesting. Thus, your workbook will contain only THE WORDS YOU NEED, so you are guaranteed complete success!!!

It is essential to be able to speak foreign languages if one is to feel at home in the enormous world we live in. The more languages you know, the more doors that are open to you...

The study of any foreign language begins with memorizing the words you need to know! These are the words that are most important to you and that you need right away! Most language programs offer only a standard list of words, such as DAD, MOM, THANK YOU, and PLEASE. Of course these words are important, but you might already know them or not need to learn them until later!

LingNote is unique in that you can create your own dictionary and memorize the words you need right away! The idea of memorizing words using flashcards is not a new one. This is what our ancestors were doing when they drew symbols and pictures on stones, strips of bark, or clay tablets.

As human civilization progresses, we sometimes rediscover and find value in old ideas that may have been forgotten. Even in the distant past humans were aware that it is much easier to remember a word if you use different types of memory to store it! You write one word (naturally you can just COPY and PASTE from any of the many dictionaries available today, but it is very important to actually write down the word in your LingNote workbook. You then write it and memorize it, pronounce it and memorize it, and look at it and memorize it again) on one card and then write the translation on another. On the next page, you write a complete definition and transcribe the word. You can pronounce the word yourself and record your pronunciation! Using this method of studying words, you use several different types of memory, and you will find that it is easy to memorize up to 50 words a day!
The integration with DropBox allows you to create a backup copy of your dictionary at any time (automatically or manually), and you can easily recover any of your saved versions.