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Bingo Artic

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The Bingo Artic App is highly optimized for articulation speech therapy. However, many other people such as parents, caregivers, and teachers will also find it fun and useful for early childhood development and many other developmental issues.

There may be one to four players and each person has a unique bingo board with words and pictures from one of the following phoneme groups: R, S&Z, S,R,L Blends, G&K, T&D, L, P&B, Ch,Sh,Th,Z & J, and F&V. Each bingo board has 24 spaces for words and pictures. Each board will have words from the initial, medial, and final positions.

The app begins with a setup screen where you may enter the client's names and select the phoneme group for each client. Touch PLAY BINGO to begin. The app switches to a bingo board screen with the first clients name at the top. Touch the SPIN button to get the first bingo number (i.e. B19). The spinner is colorful and active to help focus attention on the screen. The client will now touch the B19 square on the bingo board. If the wrong square is touched, you will get an electronic clunk and the client may try again. When the correct square is touched a picture and word will appear at the bottom of the screen. The client must now say the word for the therapist. The therapist will now touch the appropriate button to score the client on the number of trials. This will be used to calculate a percent correct which will be displayed back on the setup screen. After scoring, the app will move to the next client and the above steps will be repeated.

At the end of the therapy session, touch PLAYBINGO/SETUP to go back to the setup screen and view the scoring or start another game.

This app can also be used for language development. The pictures and associated words provide an environment for learning new words.

The therapist should be able to type in four client names and select a phoneme group for each client in less that one minute. Imagine making therapy materials unique to each individual in the group this fast.