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Most Popular Baby Girl Names For Years 1880 - 2010

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Tired of looking at the same boring popular baby names? Well, what if you could get in a time machine and go back in time 100 years and see a list of the most popular girl names from back then? With this app, you can see those names! In fact, you can see all of the baby girl names ranked by popularity for all births in the US for every year from 1880 until 2010. You can quickly select a year between 1880 and 2010 and instantly see all names for baby girls ranked by popularity for that year! So not only are you seeing the current, trendy names, you can also get new ideas by going back in time, and seeing baby girl names you would have never imagined.

This app shows me more that 54,000 unique baby girl names in the order of their uniqueness / popularity for individual years from 1880 - 2010.

With this app, once you see a name you kind of like, touch it. It will get saved in your short list of possible names. After you have selected enough names for your short list, go into the Pick List window and touch them again to delete the names you are least interested in. Eventually, you should end up with a winning name, or at least a short list.

You can even look at what year you were born and see how popular any name was in that year.

Straight from the app, you can email your significant other, friends and family, and share with them your top picks, which will automatically be inserted into the email, and bring them into this momentous new beginning.