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The Signal

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★★★★★ "Awesome! Really clever idea, lots of fun, great audio and graphics - definitely a top app!" -PeachPellen

***** In this game you use both your hands in a novel way: try to touch all the displayed points on the screen at the same time, as fast as possible! Here's a video: . Note: For best results turn off Multitasking Gestures in your iPad Settings. *****

In the near future, most of humanity uses digital brain enhancements -- implants and extensions which improve memory, knowledge, reflexes, hearing, sight and skills. As a watcher and critic of the technology you are investigating a series of recent mystery deaths among Enhanced People. Breaking into the Enhanced Products Headquarters you find something that blows your mind: a book titled The Signal details a series of hand gesture instructions which trigger an immediate maintenance mode among Enhanced People -- effectively, a temporary or permanent brain freeze.

As you take the book out of the room trying to escape the building, you set off an alarm, with the employees of Enhanced Products hunting a security risk: you. However, you now possess a powerful defense...