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Never throw out food again!

Tired of searching your freezer blindly?
Tired of discovering expired food?
Need inspiration for your next meal?

Freezer+ is a time- and moneysaving app for iPad that allows you to easily get an overview of your freezer’s content and to locate items within seconds.
It even gives you a warning before your food expires, so you never have to throw out food again.

It’s simple: Choose a freezer that looks like your own real-life one and then just add items to your freezer by naming them, placing them and assigning a container type and color. Freezer+ automatically records the date you add an item and alerts you after a set period (which you can set individually for each item).
Once you’ve added an item, you can always move it by simply dragging or edit it by tapping it once.

Note! After you've added an item, it is only visible on the list. It will reappear in the freezer when you select it on the list. This has confused a few user, because they thought the item disappeared all together. We simply believe that the list is better for getting an overview than a freezer filled with containers.

So: It’s easy and it’ll save you lots of time and money - no need to freeze up; install this beauty of an app right away!